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Car Wash Packages

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  Lazer Top Dog

Ultimate 360


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Bug & Film Zapper Soap

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Dirt Stripper Soap

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Spot Free Rinse

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99 Second Dry Time

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High Pressure Rinse



Underbody Flush

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Double Foam Action Cleaner

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Lazer Rain Shield

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Lazer Tri-Foam

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Second High Pressure Rinse



The Power Wash sprays your vehicle with clean, high pressure water to thoroughly clean and rinse your entire vehicle.

The Spot Free Rinse applies purified water to remove any solids that may cause spotting.

High performace driers help eliminate any spotting and prevents freezing in cold weather. No towels means no lint!

Advanced foaming cleanser to encapsulate dirt and grime.

The undercarriage wash cleans the underbody and rocker panels, helping to preserve the protective coating of your vehicle's undercarriage.

Bug/Grille Wash - Washes and rinses off your grille.

The Tri-Color Polish adds foaming polish with protectants to add shine and aid in the drying process.

Advanced polymers provide a protective barrier and produce a smooth glass surface so water beads off your vehicle's glass and smooth surfaces.

High pressure warm water to soak and prep your vehicle for the presoak step.

High pH soap sprayed on grille to soak and work at cleaning off the bugs.

The Pre-Soak applies a high temperature 2 step cleaning process with 2 pH levels for different types of dirt. The low pH cleans chrome and glass, while the high pH cleans road film and paint surfaces.